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    Most people think to see a chiropractor when something is wrong. The lack of preventative care in the US can explain this misconception, but the truth is, you shouldn’t wait until you are in significant pain to see a chiropractor. Preventative care is part of chiropractic care. In addition to adjusting muscles and joints, chiropractors are also trained in nutrition, exercise, and relaxation techniques to help you stop pain before it starts. Chiropractic care is a form of self-healing, as it is based on the view that once your body is in its correct alignment, you have the means to heal yourself.

    Like yoga, chiropractic care works with the body to improve function and reduce pain. Now that you know that chiropractic care is all about self-healing, here are some signs you may want to book an appointment soon.

    Chiropractors in Omaha

    If you are pregnant, lower back pain may become an issue. Essentials Natural Family Health works with chiropractors in Omaha that focus on prenatal care. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Omaha to treat other conditions, check out Oakview Chiropractic Center, a family center open to treating all muscle and joint conditions.

    Neck Pain

    Neck manipulations are a common focus in chiropractic care. Neck adjustments and specific exercises have been shown to work more effectively than pain medications. If you have had neck pain for a significant amount of time and it is not due to an injury or believe your pain may be due to poor posture, you may want to consider seeing a chiropractor.

    Lower Back Pain

    If you have suffered injuries, wake up with back pain, or find it difficult to complete basic tasks without pain in this area, consider chiropractic care. Research suggests that people with low back pain find greater relief from chiropractor care than primary care. Spinal manipulation is a major focus of chiropractic care, and needless to say, chiropractors are knowledgeable of factors that create low back pain and how to reduce it.


    Frequent headaches indicate a visit to the chiropractor is needed. Since tension headaches extend from the back of your head to your neck, neck adjustments allow your body to release the tension in both areas. Chiropractors can adjust your neck and teach stretching exercises to help you manage pain. Migraines have been shown to decrease in frequency in response to chiropractic spinal manipulations. When migraines do occur, they are less painful. Nutritional advice is also offered by chiropractors, as certain foods trigger the onset of migraines.

    Knee Pain

    Knee pain is a common condition brought on by wear and tear. If you are a runner, exercise consistently, or find yourself sitting for a large portion of the day, your knees may need adjustments. Research has shown that chiropractic knee adjustments can decrease pain and improve function after only a couple of weeks.

    Anyone with physical pain can benefit from chiropractic care, so don’t wait until your conditions worsen to get help.